Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative Center

The 2012 presidential election had a disappointing voter turnout with only 57.5 percent of Americans getting to the polls. While that is a majority of the nation, the percentage was the country’s lowest since the 2000 election. With the amount of emphasis placed on this year’s election and the implications that follow when the votes are all counted, getting to the polls is crucial.

In Sacramento, Building Healthy Communities as well as PRO Youth and Families are trying to shed light on that importance with an upcoming event on Sunday, September 25th. These two groups will be holding a Get Out The Vote event at the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative Center Auditorium to inform the community about not only the presidential election, but also state elections as well.

“The overall purpose for the Get Out To Vote event is to educate attendees on the importance of voting especially on local measures and to help them understand why their vote can really help build safer and healthier communities,” said PRO Youth and Families Youth Engagement Coordinator, Andrea Tafolla.

This event’s priority is to remind people that their vote matters and every vote counts, especially in area’s that are underrepresented. And the event is not just a boring info session, but instead includes spoken word performances and music. Plus, the group will be providing free dinner to all those in attendance.

The Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative is located at 4625 44th Street in Sacramento. If you or anybody you know is interested to learn more about this year’s election, have fun, or enjoy a free meal, make sure to register by Friday, September 23rd. Contact Keya Bell at to register. But make sure to do it quickly as space is limited.

img_3564“We hope that by providing a broad landscape of the different choices in front of them and talking about the implications of voting, the young people will be empowered and educated to make their voice heard in this election and beyond,” said Tere Flores from Sacramento ACT.

Get Out the Vote looks to be a fun, informative community based event to make sure that the Sacramento community makes their voice heard. Make your voice heard and have an impact on America’s future.