In 2015, California’s high school dropout rate was at 10.7 percent while graduation rates went up. As encouraging as that is, with more than one out of every ten students dropping out, a long term solution to get that number even lower could be getting students help in school from a young age.

Sacramento Area Congregations Together, otherwise known as ACT, is looking for help from the community to pass Measure G, which aims to help those who are falling behind or at risk of dropping out.IMG_3507

Measure G asks voters who live in the Sacramento City Unified School District area (which includes areas of the City of Sacramento and non-City neighborhoods) to approve a $75 parcel tax on properties in order to fund the expansion of successful programs, including art and music enrichment, services for struggling learners, and vital initiatives that make schools more positive learning environments for staff, families and children,” said Jason Weiner, a parent volunteer and organizer whose children are in the SCUSD. “The tax would end after six years, senior citizens would be exempted, and the measure will also create a Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure all funds benefit children most in need. It was placed on the ballot by a unanimous vote of the SCUSD Board of Education.” IMG_3504

The measure is essential to help kids who are behind and shows the importance of early education. It also helps to reduce suspension and expulsion rates of minorities while offering an abundance of support from staff in areas other than school.

To provide light on the measure and get the community involved, volunteers and organizers for ACT are holding meetings and phone banks to get the word out. Their next meeting will be held later next month.

The community will have a huge impact on this measure, given that they are the voters. ACT needs all the help and support it can get to help struggling students get the assistance every child deserves.

“The most important thing is to share information about Measure G with your friends and colleagues who live within SCUSD boundaries,” Weiner said. “Measure G is likely to be at the bottom of a long ballot, and many people won’t know ahead of time what it is and why it is important for our students’ future.”

Community members or anybody who would like to get involved, call Sacramento ACT at (916) 389-8990 or email for more information.