A brand new training program for culinary training is starting up soon beginning on September 6th and continuing through October 20th created by Fresher Sacramento in association with La Familila, as well as the City Of Sacramento Gang Task Force. In an effort to reduce violence within the community, the program is specifically targeting at-risk young young adults who may be trying to learn basic skills in the food industry, or simply interested in getting  their foot in the door with some structure of learning and applying it to real-life job scenarios.

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“La Familia Counselling Center is the main Hispanic community support organization in Sacramento, and they are a SETA (Sacramento Employment Training Agency) partner – so they provide career counselling and support for our trainees to be able to get their GED if needed and get through the program and get the soft skills for employment,” says Rabbi David, CEO of Fresher Sacramento. “Our goal is to give our participants the basic skills necessary to get entry level jobs in the food industry. Ideally, we will be able to hire them as we increase sales and production of take home meals – we are the first organization in the country to be able to accept EBT (formerly food stamps) for prepared ready to heat meals – but in any event, they will be front of the house (hospitality, waiting, busing) as well as back of the house (prep cook, line cook, dishwasher) skills along with the ServSafe food handling certificate that is the industry standard.”

The La Familia is offering up their brand new Maple Campus near Fruitridge and Highway 99 in order to host the training for the program, which will offer over 100 hours of instruction in total. Other rewarding things that a participant can be looking forward to are also front and back of the house skills to really get a well-rounded experience, as well as the  ServSafe certificate.

The Art Institute of California, Sacramento is also sponsoring the program. AI is well known for their programs in media, video games, film, and as well as culinary training as well. It makes sense that Chef Pamela Chokan-Quetzal, an instructor from The Art Institute, will be there to supervise the program as well as Chef Luiz Ramirez, who has a background in working with at-risk youth adults. Upon receiving said certificate as mentioned earlier, the Art Institute will officially put their stamp on your certificate to authenticate it even further.

If you’re looking for some fundamentals within cooking and hoping to maybe one day find a job within that industry, or are even interested taking a class for the sense of the structure that it brings into your life, look no further than here. For more information you can also visit the Fresher Sacramento website found here.