Oak Park’s farmers market is celebrating its 7th year and still running strong! On August 20th from 10 AM to 1 PM, they are  hosting a Oak Park Skills Fair. It’s a great opportunity for community members to come show others their ability with food.skills fair

There is three competitions for anyone to participate in.  At the Homegrown Produce event you can  enter your own self-grown vegetable or fruit. The categories for this event are Largest Home Grown Veggie or Fruit, Ugliest Home Grown Veggie or Fruit, Smallest & Largest Egg, and Play with your food – Food Art. The other two events that community food growers may participate in are the photography challenge in which you take a picture of your garden and show it off and a  cooking/baking event where you may enter either an appetizer, entree, dessert, jam, or non-alcoholic drink. Of course, all ingredients for your dish must be grown by you or bought from the Oak Park Farmers Market. There will also be a scavenger hunt for the kids where they may earn a fruit or veggie gift bag.

The reason for the fair and for the competition is a simple one; it’s to bring more attention to the need and the greatness that comes in locally grown, home-made food. The Oak Park Farmers Market has been around for a while now and continues to strive for community awareness and unity with food. Every week they’ve got live music, yoga classes, and local chef demonstrations. All of these efforts certainly do not go unnoticed as the community has worked hard over the past few years to make their goals a reality.

“NeighborWorks Sacramento met with Oak Park residents who wanted to achieve the dream of establishing a Farmers Market in Oak Park,” says Sharon Eghigian from NeighborWorks.

“NeighborWorks Sacramento worked closely with resident leaders, including Joany Titherington, a long-time leader and Oak Park Neighborhood Association Board member, to develop a plan for the Market. Several months later, after much hard work, NeighborWorks Sacramento launched the Oak Park Farmers Market in May 2010 with Joany Titherington as the Farmers Market Manager.” So if you’re a fan of locally grown food, or if you just want to have a good time with your community members and bond over the food and the love that it brings to your families, check out Oak Park Farmers Market at 3500 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817, or attend the Skills Fair on August 20th starting at 10 AM. You can also visit their website here.