The Food Literacy Center is due to receive an influx of 30 AmeriCorps workers after winning the National AmeriCorps Award. The Food Literacy Center’s message of healthy eating habits executed through creative cooking and nutritional knowledge helped them outshine the competition. “We’re fortunate that our program stood out as a successful model that puts community service at the core of our mission,” said Food Literacy Founder Amber Stott. In an effort to spread their message to every child in California, the Food Literacy Center will use this extra work force to expand their operations.Food Literacy Center

On a regular basis, the Food Literacy Center offers hands-on classes where the students, all children, are taught the value of eating their fruits and vegetables. “The AmeriCorps service members will be trained as Food Geniuses, so they’ll become certified instructors to deliver our food literacy program to elementary kids,” said Stott. “Having a consistent team of members in each school each week will improve the quality of programming and help us expand to more schools.”

“Every child deserves access to a nutritious meal,” says Congresswoman Matsui, who assisted in the creation of the AmeriCorps over a decade ago. “[The] Food Literacy Center provides critical services in our community, connecting our next generation with the tools and resources they need to live healthy lives.”

The award is administered by California Volunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service. The workers will be hired locally, bringing more jobs to the Sacramento area.

All AmeriCorps workers are encouraged to apply here.

The Food Literacy Center also hosts and participates in many community events and outings in an effort to reach the masses. The Food Literacy Center will host the Sacramento Taco Party on October 11th where participants will get to sample some of the best tacos Sacramento has to offer. Buy for tickets now before they sell out.

As far as their future plans go Stott noted their plans to “design a farm-to-school youth engagement tour. We’ll stop at several key farm-to-school locations, eat school meals, and taste food made by students learning through these regional programs.”

Support the Food Literacy Center by enrolling your kids in their classes or attending their events all over Sacramento.