Every Saturda13839747_1004100713036718_1493517239_oy from May through October, the  Oak Park Farmers Market is held in historic McClatchy Park. On the most recent Saturday, many vendors gathered there  to sell their own locally produced fruits and vegetables. Some of the vendors sold something a bit different than the rest. Dave Feldpausch, owner of Dave Pops sells a dairy free ice cream which he hand makes himself.

“This business of selling dairy free ice cream started from myself being allergic to dairy,” says Feldpausch.  “It being pretty difficult to find ice cream, I decided to start making my own and begin selling them to people aren’t normally exposed to them.” Many other stands at the market which were on hand to promote a healthy lifestyle. A stand set up by students from UC Davis used a questionnaire on living a healthy lifestyle for children to come by and play with. If they won the game they could get a free fruit to eat.

Nate Turner, an employee for The Neighborworks Summer Vista Program, had his own stand where13633316_1004100526370070_1190482757_o he was serving free flavored water as well as passing out flyers on eating healthy, exercise, programs, and more.

“I’m out here to… you know, be able to let those who don’t know about the healthy choices around them, and expose them to it,” said  Turner.

Many people from Sacramento showed up to the market to either buy from the vendors and participate in the activities that promoted a healthy lifestyle. As people went around, stands were encouraging attendees to exercise for free produce in return or provided samples of their produce to convince customers to buy.

“I think t13835536_1004100899703366_1912303413_ohis is a great opportunity for many people around this area to take advantage of the amount of fresh produce that is being sold here,” said Debbie Clark, a customer of the farmer’s market.  “It’s difficult for some people in many different places in Sacramento to have access to fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables. So having this market here is a great benefit to people in this area.”  

For more information about the Oak Park Farmer’s Market and their upcoming events, visit their homepage at this link.