IMG_1848To many, it is no surprise that Latinos are one of the least-likely groups of the population to show up to the voting polls over the past several years. However, a new mobile app created to help engage Latino voters could possibly help make a positive change come the next voting day.

The new app is called Unidos, and its purpose is to guide users through voter registration information and present a bilingual news feed featuring stories relevant to young Latino voters. This app aims to connect young Latino voters with issues that matter to their community, such as immigration. Traditionally millennials don’t vote often in general, and rather unfortunately, Latino’s are the least-likely group to show up to the polls. According to the Pew Research Center, despite an increasing political engagement, Latino communities’ voters are at a lower percentage than both their respective Black and White communities.

“Younger people who come from mixed (immigration) status families tend to not vote,” says Teresa Flores of Sacramento Area Congregations Together. “If the parents can’t vote, than the kids won’t vote.”

Unidos goal for Fall 2016 election is to change the voter turnout by promoting the use of the app for the Latino community. The Sacramento Congregations Area is planning to go door to door on July 25th to encourage mixed status families to still register to vote, even if their parents are not eligible.

“Hopefully this encouragement will help fuel people to want to vote,” says Flores.

The Unidos app presents political information that is straight forward and easy to understand for any user, while also allowing users the option to use it in either Spanish or English. Users can also share content and resources from the app on other social media outlets such as Snap Chat, Twitter, or Facebook.

“When there are topics of issues that concern them, then that’s when people get more involved,” says Jill Lavin from the Sacramento Register of Voters.

Many feel that it is vital that youth are informed of the issues and get involved this voting season. With a new era of youth who can participate in voting, some for the first time this year. The Unidos app equips the latino community with the information they need to make an informed decision.

The Unidos app is free and available for Apple devices in the App Store.