A new study suggests that teenagers surrounded by more greenery show less aggressive behavior. The University of SoutherFruit trees to be plantedn Californiaconducted the study to see whether or not more greenery in an urban area can alter one’s behavior. They followed 1,287 people, aging from 9 to 18 years old. They evaluated every single person’s aggressiveness every two or three years by asking their parents if their children would physically attack and/or threaten others or showed any signs of similar aggressiveness.

Then USC would link the teen’s living area to satellite information to measure the amount of greenery they are exposed to. They concluded that teens which were ready to plantexposed to more greenery had less aggressive attitudes than those who weren’t exposed to as much greenery. Even with the short term studies ranging from 1 to 6 months in length data showed that youth aggressiveness was less when exposed to greenery within a 1,000 meter area. USC also noticed that factors such as age, race, economic situation, occupation, and more did not affect any of the results.

The study provides new evidence that increasing neighborhood greenery may be an effective alternative intervention strategy for an environmental public health approach that has not been considered yet,” says USC researcher Diana Younan.

Because of this study, USC predicts that the increasing of greenery in neighborhoods could result in 12 percent decrease in clinical cases of aggressiveness in California for teens living in urban areas. With this amount of data these findings  could provide a stepping stone for future studies to look further into improving the life of teenagers by creating positive surrounding environments.IMG_5942 1 1

According to Eruptingmind.com, the color green itself symbolizes nature, growth and freshness. The color green is said to have healing capabilities especially on the eyes. It can also help alleviate depression and nervousness.   

“Yes, it would definitely decrease if I were to be surrounded by more greenery,” said Sacramento teenager Mariela Medrano when asked if she felt that her aggressiveness would decrease if she were surrounded by more greenery.

“I want to reduce the violence that surrounds my community and it would both benefit my community and the environment,” Medrano concluded when asked if she would support surrounded her community with more greenery.