12234919_851466898300101_1303354501656247778_nMy name is Ivan Caballero and I’ve worked with Isaac Gonzalez in this program for 11 months now. I’ve learned a lot throughout my time here. I’ve learned how to become a real journalist and writer. It has further pushed my career as an aspiring journalist. I’m very thankful to this program for the knowledge I have acquired.

I’ve noticed that people take me a bit more serious when they learn that I am a Neighborhood News Correspondent. It makes my life so much easier and makes my completion of work so much faster. When I began working for Accesslocal.Tv, I was hardly interested in journalism, I was in it more for the video production aspect of working this job.

Two months in to the program, I began to gain a passion for journalism. I started to recognize the complexity that comes with writing and reporting. That complexity, it’s what made me fall in love with journalism. Just a year ago, I was aspiring to become a movie director; that changed after I began working journalism. Making videos is still my favorite part of this job and will possibly always be since I’m so invested in cinematography.

I’m a 17 year old student with a passion for photography, cinematography, journalism, and comic books. Photography and cinematography being at my core.  There is a very popular idiom that says “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For me that is true for the most part. I never know if the picture I take of someone will be used in the future over a12122392_1044366942263439_5500806899130271477_nnd over again. Who knows if a picture of mine will be referenced 100 years in the future past my time? Quite figuratively, I would be talking for centuries through the message of an image.

Currently in my family, I am the only one who is interested in media work. For my parents, it’s an absolute odd idea that one of their children is working on a career which is so ambitious. I often have to reassure them that maybe I’ve got a chance. I have friends that have been helping me along the way and who I’ve been returning the favor for. I won’t deny that pursuing a career in media is hard, But I just have to have confidence in myself to accomplish this long dream of mine.

I am hoping that I will have another amazing four months working here at AccesslocalTv and I hope I find a job similar to this one in the near future. And I’m excited to see where this term takes me.