My name is Michael Martinez and I am from Antelope, California. I enjoy writing and dogs. I turned 21 back in May, which makes me a millennial.

To me, being a millennial is something to be proud of. While some may think the millennials don’t have anything figured out, their future or goals, that’s fine.IMG_5423

I am a proud millennial and for a while I had no clue what my future held. Growing up in a community that encouraged sports, my greatest passions revolved around that. I played them all, but baseball was my true love.

As I grew up, I had no plans to become a lawyer or a doctor, my furthest goal was to get a scholarship to play college baseball. But after a knee injury that sidelined me for the last two years of high school, everything changed.

Since my injury in 2012, I have grown more as a person than ever before. Not only did I learn perseverance, but I figured out how to deal with dramatic change.

After my sports hopes diminished, I found new ways to get involved on campus through school clubs and student government. Luckily for me, I had my two parents and older sister cheering me on to be great. Fortunately, my academics along with extra curricular activities got me admitted into UC Davis.

Heading into Davis as a psychology major, I still had no plan on what I wanted to do. But that was okay, I was prepared to grow over the next four years.

When I got to Davis, I did something I never thought I would do when I  joined a fraternity. However, joining Chi Phi was the easiest and best decision I have made to this day.

Not only have I made many friendships, but I’ve grown as a person. By watching and talking sports all the time with my Brothers, my passion for sports resurfaced. And since winter of 2015, I am no longer a millennial without a plan. My passion has led me to pursue a career in sports journalism.

In order to make that happen, I started writing for the The California
Aggie, a student run newspaper, and about the Sacramento Kings for a couple websites. Now, I chose to venture into other aspects of reporting and journalism with Access Sacramento. I know that this opportunity will give me experience in a fun and exciting way.IMG_4941

I can’t wait to look back on my career as a journalist and remember that Access Sacramento was one of my first big breaks.