berrrrnnSo my name is Ivan Caballero. I’ve worked with Isaac Gonzalez in this program for 10 months now. I’ve learned a lot throughout those 10 months. The most significant being that I know how to write. Before I began this job, I honestly had zero experience with writing whatsoever (besides school of course). I had never written for anyone or anything. I didn’t even know how to do an article for news. That all changed when I joined this program.

Looking back at my very first article, I can see that I have improved a lot in my writing. When I first started to write, it would take me hours to write a 250 word essay. Now it just takes me around 15 minutes. I don’t find writing as hard as I used to. Now it’s one of my favorite things to do in my spare time, and I get to do it with Isaac and get paid for it which is always really cool.

I used to be told by my older sister that I wouldn’t be very good at writing because I wasn’t always very good with Untitledspeaking to people or I would never actually want to read one of her Harry Potter books (eventually I read those books later on). It’s a very good feeling to be able to show my sister (who was the first to graduate college in the family) that now I can write better than her.

I still have a lot to learn though. I’m not the best writer by far, it’s just great to see that I’m doing better than I or anyone else would’ve expected. I’m a guy who is perceived to automatically become a failure just by the color of my skin or the area I was raised in. As a dreamer, I’ve been trying so hard to defeat that stereotype. I like to think that I’m headed the right direction.

Working with this team of five people, Trajan Susa, Ronnie Swinburn, Asimi Guma, and Rose Vega- it’s accesslocaaaaaalbeen a blast. They’re a very sophisticated and nice group of people. They’ve taught me a lot in the time of working here- mainly by guiding me morally. I’ve developed a very strong relationship with them and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do so.

Throughout the entire time I have been working here, from when I covered my very first event at the Crocker Art Museum to when I was flown out to Los Angeles, I have gained a sense of confidence that I would have never thought I would ever have. I think that this job has changed me in so many ways to the point you wouldn’t find me to be the same person I used to be.

So far my favorite article has been my report on the Donald Trump’s deportation plan. In Untitledthat article I explained the specifics of the situations on a medical level, such as how this would affect the local area of Sacramento medically. It was basically a short summary on Donald Trump’s deportation plan would make Sacramento sick because illegal immigrants would take fear in going to hospitals to avoid being deported. Immigrants not being able to go to the hospital could lead to widespread illness spread. Coming from a Mexican family that has witnessed the horrors of when it comes to deportation, I can see why my family and other would be afraid to go to the hospital and avoid deportation.

My advice for future reporters here at AccessLocal.Tv is complicated. I’m not even sure what got me through everything. All I know is that I now have better communications skills than I did before. Things that I wish I could’ve started out with though is a different story. When you first begin, I know it might be scary to get into the public and ask someone for an interview, but it’s actually pretty easy. Just ask, If they say no, then they say no. If they say yes, you got yourself an interview! Now before going out to ask someone for an interview, it’s a good idea to at least have written down an idea of what you want to ask.

When you’re out making a video, take more footage than you need! If you think you have enough, you don’t. Take accesslocal3more! This has always been a common problem with me that I take way less footage than I needed, thus making me work harder while editing. It’s best to work hard on the spot and work easier later. Take lots of pictures as well. Pictures make for a great showcase in your articles and videos. So get snapping.

Don’t procrastinate. I will admit, I still have this problem. Get out of the habit of doing it. If you have an article to do, it’s best to start right away instead of having to rush later and panic when you can’t find the sources and information you need. Don’t procrastinate especially with videos. That’s not good at all, It’s the hardest task to complete when all you have left is a day. I’m not going to lie though, most of my videos have been done with only with 3 days or less. But don’t be me, trust me it’s not pretty.

Okay this is my final tip. Just have fun! I know it can be stressful when you can’t capture footage or find it really hard to find sources or even just have a blank head. Just the most important thing is to remember that you should be Untitledhaving fun while working on these projects. Don’t take every assignment like a chore, take it as an adventure. An adventure full of knowledge and experience.

To conclude, this has been the best opportunity I could have ever imagined having. I have had such a blast and I hope to pursue journalism as a career. I hope to get a job similar to this in the near future because I have had such an amazing experience working with Isaac and the first and second teams. If could go for a third time, I would without even thinking about it. Unfortunately though, my time has ended here at AccessLocal.Tv. It was an honor to represent this website and be officially a part of it. This program has given me something that nothing else has; and that’s the knowledge that I will carry for the rest of my life. Thank you.