My press coverage badge.

When I initially was told about the job opening with AccessLocal.Tv approximately 4 months ago, I honestly had no idea how extraordinarily delightful this opportunity would expand in local recognition also growing my own potential of skills. I always have had a passion for creative writing and traveling to new surroundings where I can be enlightened in various ways.

youth powerfest photo

A memorable photo I did with 2 co-workers of mine, at this event in Los Angeles, CA.

Working within this project established by Access Sacramento has profoundly opened doors that I couldn’t imagine seeing and encountering at this age of my life with learning how to develop multiple technical skills, write article pieces on relevant societal issues that I take personal interest in, and meeting awesome people for the first time or getting back in touch with old associates through the program providing me a chance to voyage on my own out of town to do press coverage on events sponsored by The California Endowment. I also was able to see the gradual progress of how my own writing and photography skills I wasn’t professionally or consciously using prior to being hired as a Neighborhood News Correspondent, has massively evolved. This makes me more confident in my own institutional thoughts or perceptional concepts of how I can be active in the demand of changes going on in my city, just by expressing my own voice on it in ways I didn’t know I could.

Although this job opportunity has made me realize a lot of my own capabilities, it has also taught me a lot on how I can further be active in my community through various ways. One article I admire the most is a preview story I did on a 24 hour fundraising event called “Big Day of Giving”. I have personally been involved with activism for the LGBQTIA+ community since I was 16 years old, and discovering not only did I receive the chance to do journalism on something intertwined with the one aspect of my personal life that is most vital to me. I was also encouraging others to give to those in need of aid. I now know how I can do more than the usual volunteering yet I could financially support The Sacramento LGBT Community Center and a lot of other local nonprofit agencies throughout California. My only advice for those whom will soon be a part of this revolutionary program is to have fun letting the world know what you feel about issues that matter and most definitely establish social business networking relationships for future references.