My time working for Access Sacramento has been very beneficial and surprising. I had the opportunity to gain numerous skills and connect with others in my community. I have been exposed to new parts of my community as well which has made me more aware of the things my community has to offer.

Here at Access Sacramento, I have learned more about journalism in general. I use to think journalism was a very restrictive way of conveying information. However, now I have learned that if one properly understands the journalistic structure one is able to convey information in a more free style that allows their voice to be heard while still staying true to the dynamics of journalism. This is by far the most valuable thing I have learned here as now I no longer have this stigma that journalism is limiting by nature. I also have learned about different types of articles such as what a preview article is and what a press release is. Knowing things like this will help me advance in life as I am gaining knowledge in a productive, and fairly demanding area of work. Also, learning about various article forms was interesting because when I read articles I never think about various forms actually existing, I simply read the article.

Working with a news team has been quite profound. When viewing the daily or nightly news it has never been presented by a team of news reports, so I never had the idea that news can be represented by a team. Experiencing this also exposed me to various news topics and has in this way expanded my mind as now I pay more attention to news topics I wasn’t as concerned about before. Also, the simple opportunity to connect with new people in my community was rewarding, especially since we often surprisingly were interested in the same things such as writing, mental health illnesses, and college tuition.

My favorite article that I composed while working for Access Sacramento is entitled “School Gardens.” This article covers the long-term benefits of bringing gardens into schools and stresses the dire necessity of the modern educational system needing to emphasize other things than just traditional curriculums. This article is my favorite mainly because I am passionate about the topic being covered . I am very concerned about one’s health and feel that exposing youth to a healthy lifestyle and presenting it as significant as traditional educational topics by incorporating gardens into the modern school system will birth a more productive nation with an honest purpose. Also, I feel that morally the United States will be more sound as we balance our values between living healthy and expanding our minds in education. This article rooted from my passion for healthy live, which is why I think I liked it so much. Also, I liked that this article covered a topic that isn’t discussed much in news as it brings attention to something often overlooked by the multitude-which I find helps make a journalistic topic more meaningful.

Tips I would give to others wishing to pursue a job in journalism is mainly just cover topics you are passionate about. By covering a topic one is passionate about your work will naturally be conveyed better and more effectively. Also, by doing this you will have an easier time producing your material and in the end enjoy the process of producing your material. Also, I would advise one to expand their mind as much as they possibly and connect their topic to other things in the broadest way. This will make your material more significant and appealing.

I appreciate my time here at Access Sacramento and am very grateful I was given this opportunity to refine my journalistic skills and gain new ones.