Pesticides at a local store

Pesticides at a local store

While modern society is relentlessly encouraged to consume healthier foods, the ironic fact that the production of such foods has unhealthy and deadly consequences is often overlooked. Those affected most by the harsh consequences are young children as the pesticides used disrupt their development.

Pesticides are chemicals intentionally designed to kill living organismimages such as bugs. The violent origin of pesticides reveals its murderous potential. According to an article on the website Panna entitled Children, cancer is the second most common cause of death for children between the ages of one and fourteen in the United States, and pesticide chemicals have been consistently linked to childhood causing cancers such as leukemia, brain tumors, and neuroblastoma.

Modern America desperately needs to seek a new method of imageprotecting produce from harm if they are to survive as a nation. This developing “pandemic” tends to range from causing disabilities such as ADHD and derailing young brain development. If this consistent shift in brain development of our youth continues, this means, essentially, modern and future youth are at risk of being intellectually behind those in other nations, and thus susceptible to being overpowered, and now placing America behind other countries as well in terms of how advanced a nation it is.

However, this health issue seems to be a greater threat to children in imagerural, agricultural communities. “As a mom in greater Minnesota, I worry about the effects that pesticides could have on my toddler’s health and brain development,” said Noelle Harden of Vergas, a Minnesota town surrounded by potato, corn, and soybean fields. “Because of where I choose to live, or what my neighbor chooses to spray, my kid could be affected for the rest of his life. That’s a disturbing thought for a parent,” (Red Lake Nation News-New Report: Agricultural Pesticides Increasingly Linked to Childhood Cancers and Neurological Harm).

In cities, such as Sacramento itself, healthier choices are now being imageprovided by farmer’s market, various independent vendors during the summer, and co-op’s which tend to have non-pesticide food. The harmful consequences of pesticides are not as prevalent as Sacramento is not a city which high agricultural production.

“My wife produces our own vegetables,” said Mr. Rothschild, a chemistry teacher at John F. Kennedy High School. “So we use no pesticides at all, pesticides have the greatest impact during the developmental period.”

imageThough the intentions of Americans by using pesticides to produce healthy food are good, they are dangerous as well. The health of American children are at great risk-Americans simply cannot continue to attempt to keep their children healthy by subliminally killing them, this is considerably moronic and also a bit hypocritical as children will soon grow up understand this contradicting relationship, thus they are not being properly taught how to deal with issues when faced with one.

If America fails to soon correct this flaw, their children will continue to suffer as the positive intentions of the situation is what is harming their health.