On May 12th The California Endowment arranged a youth function for those within  the 14 Building Healthy Communities sites throughout California. They provided organic refreshments, delicious nutritional appetizers and a light dinner, along with live entertainment from locals within individual BHC sites as well as renowned 19-year-old musical artist Zendaya Coleman.

The event took place at TCE’s office in Los Angeles and the decor was adorned with delightful art by the Sons and Brothers collaborative and many underground artists. They provided souvenirs by organizing a photo booth themed #VOTA where people could take personal memorable photos or humorous ones where they staged a scene as if spray painting the background in rebellious acts for justice.

“It don’t matter how many friends you have or how many likes you get on a photo,” said primary entertainer Zendaya. “What matters is the power you have within your brain. We have to get #GETLOUD and VOTE, not just tweet about it. But, do it!”

TCE also organized a booth where participants of the festival could receive screen printed T-shirts with a choice of one of the various designs provided by or mixing and matching multiple ones to make a custom made design. The live entertainment consisted of singers, local DJs, and even poets.

This gathering was established for the youth to feel inclusion verses exclusion with TCE’s movement in fighting for racial, gender, and economic equality for all. It also made it evident to the youth they proclaim to be representing that they are heavily an important factor with initiating the launch of this societal revolution.

“My generation owes your generation an apology,” said Dr. Robert K. Ross, the President also CEO of TCE. “For all of the injustice we have caused that youth like you must endure and flourish from.”