On May 21st, 2016., The MET Sacramento High-school had their 5th annual LGBTQIA+ Youth Leadership Conference in regards to empowering students between the ages of K-12th grade attending school throughout the Sacramento City Unified School District. Which it was also funded by SCUSD, providing youth free food, refreshments, arts and crafts. They also collaborated with the Trans Student Educational Resources; which is a National Center for Transgender Equality, in which they provided the participating youth with informative papers on the significance of acknowledging Transgender and Gender non-conforming rights as well as statistics on injustice for queer adolescences of color.


The entire event was hosted and partially coordinated by a 15yro sophmore who is enrolled at The MET Sacramento High-school. Zauna Nuru-Bates also is apart of the SCUSD LGBTQ Task Force and has done a 2yr internship at the actual SCUSD Connect Center. *Q1* They had established forums and workshops for youth to gain knowledge in regards to LGBTQIA+ history, conflict resolutions to legal injustices and arranged a few local youth speakers. The spokesmen consisted of a young male by the name of Jackson Yolder., a senior student from C. K. McClatchy High School, who did a presentation on the history of music intertwined with pro and or anti-LGBTQIA+ messages displaying artists from the early 1960’s til modern mainstream music. Another spokesperson was 20yro (find name from booklet), who works at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center as a mental health advocate also facilitates a support group entitled Q-Ability. Which is a support group for those that identify along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and have physical, psychiatric/psychological, and or respiratory disabilities. They also had the room embellished with art from students who were apart of the collaborative coordinating team and a layout of colorful informative posters exemplifying what the LGBTQA acronym is. *Q2*