It’s that time of year again! SCUSD is holding their Annual LGBTQA Youth Leadership Conference.

SCUSD is  holding this event  on May 21st, 10am to 4pm at the Met Sacramento High School at 810 V Street.

This year’s 5tFullSizeRender (2)h annual LGBTQA Youth Leadership Conference theme is “Be Brave, Be You.”

The conference will include workshops for any youth in the SCUSD school system from K-12th grade to teach them how to embrace themselves, be comfortable in their own skin, and learn how to treat and help other students, with an emphasis on students who identify as LGBTQA.

“I attended the conference they had (before) and met a lot of new people from different schools,” says Alina Reid, a student in John F. Kennedy High School Rainbow Alliance Club. “I think their e workshops really teach and help students of LGBTQ background to learn more about themselves and to prosper on for their rest of their lives.”

The event is free and has been planned by the youth, for the youth. The workshops will be interactive and fun for all ages and will also include pizza and drinks for the attendees of the conference. The event does not include transportation; students must provide themselves with transportation to and from event.

The event requires a permission slip for students interested in attending this year’s youth leadership conference and can be found right here. The permission slip must be emailed to Emily Herr, coordinator of the conference at:

It’s time to empower yourself and “Be Brave, Be You”!