See Thao, one of the youth interns, next to one of the photography walls at the opening reception for the event.

Five million dollars is more money than most of us will see in a lifetime. However, six youths from Sacramento attempted to answer one simple question: “What would you do if you had five million dollars?”

Through the use of photography, video, audio, and relief prints, these youths reflected how they view Sacramento and how they would invest in the city to make it better.

The artwork is currently displayed at the Sol Collective, an art and culture center, through May 4th. The youths involved in this exhibition are Juanito Aguilar, Inderpal Benipal, Elena Calvillo, Bianca Solis, See Thao, and Quan Team. These youths are interns from Hiram Johnson High School and Health Professionals and their exhibit is entitled Youth Life: Youth in Action Multimedia Exhibition.

“The main inspiration for this work is Project Y, which is a measure for the (taxation) of marijuana (production) and what that money from the production could be used for,” says Inderpal Benipal, one of the youths participating in the multimedia exhibition.


Inderpal Benipal, one of the youth interns at the opening the multimedia exhibition.

Measure Y was voted by the City Council to be put on the ballot just this past February. Measure Y will not raise taxes but instead put a 5% tax on the manufacturing and cultivation of legal marijuana operations. If passed the money would go towards community based health, after-school, youth employment and recreation programs.
The opening reception for this multimedia exhibition was held on April 30th and two of youth interns, See Thao and Inderpal Benipal were present at the event.
“This work gave me insight into what other youths deal with. Especially as a high school senior it what as good experience,” said See Thao, another youth participating in the exhibition.

The event will continue until May 4th and can be viewed from 6-9pm to the general public. This event is also free and welcome to all.

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