The Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is hosting thier third annual Big Day of Giving Event! The fundraiser launches at midnight on May 3rd, 2016, and ends that same day at 11:59pm. So far since this event initiated, with the help of local donors, $9-million has been raised for over 500 non-profit organizations in Sacramento, California. Although this year alone with the aid of 30,000 donors, they are aspiring to raise $6-million during the event’s 24 hour timespan for 600 non-profit agencies. They are encouraging many local establishments who intend to donate to take a pledge in regards to portraying their commitment to this special day.


Art piece located in Midtown Sacramento on Q and 16th st.c

The Gender Health Center is networking locals together to help them achieve their personal goal of attaining 400 donors in order to collectively raise $25,000, showing thier actions of support to the Big Day of Giving. They also are promoting a G.H.C Big D.O.G. Karaoke Happy Hour! Even executive members of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center are taking pledges to donate on this extravagant day.

“I pledged to give on the Big Day of Giving because I know the Center helps LGBT people not just survive, but live empowered, authentic lives,” says Board Member David Heitstuman. “I give because we all need to feel safe and supported.”

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s Community Resources Program fields more than 3,000 calls annually from citizens of Sacramento in need of LGBT-affirmative social, legal, housing, and health services.

“I invite you to pledge your support today to keep this important lifeline available to community members in need,” says Board President Carlos Marquez. “Through your support, we can continue to provide space for LGBT Sacramentans to feel safe, welcome, and needed.”

“By supporting the LGBT Center, I know that I am having a direct impact on helping change peoples lives for the better,” says Board Vice President Stephanie Doute. “I hope that you will join me in making a donation to the LGBT Center on this upcoming Big Day of Giving knowing that you reached out and pulled someone up who needed a hand.”


Community mural located near the 16th st. Light Rail Station in Midtown Sacramento.

Another great aspect about this event is that for every dollar donated to a specific organization, the individual donor will recieve a bonus boost from the incentive pool of sponsors. Allowing non-profit agencies on the leaderboards to gain cash prizes based on various challenges consisting of Time Challenges, Social Media Challenges, Board Members Challenges, Donor Challenges and a Grand Prize. To donate a person must visit their websites home page than watch the second instructional video provided, which will guide them into what steps to take next and the process. Also the minimum amount a person can donate is an affordable $25! So the Sacramento LGBT Community Center is challenging anyone to support, “the celebration of philanthropy and put your money where your heart is!”