Bamby Salcedo, developer of multiple uprising advocacy programs such as Angels Of Change also TransLivesMatter National Day of Action; speaking at a protest rally.

On April, 16th, 2016, the Transgender Law Center and Equality California established a new campaign called TransForm California in regards to disintegrate the historical oppression and discrimination against transgender and non-conforming gender folks by promoting legal rights, respect, understanding, and safety for those whom identify along those aspects.



Motivational speaker and personal friend of Dr. Robert K. Ross.


The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric

“California and its residents are known around the world for standing up for the values of tolerance and equality,” said Los Angles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Trans people should have the freedom to live their lives, to dream, and to plan for the future without worrying about their safety or basic rights. I am proud to add my voice to the broad coalition supporting Transform California, a new step in the march toward full inclusion for our trans brothers and sisters.” Garcetti launched the campaign in his city on April 18th, 2016.


Activists during a protest march in Los Angeles, CA representing thier support for the TransLatin@ Coalition.

There is a coalition of eight agencies that make up the executive committee members although and 27 steering committee members from all from throughout California that are behind this project. Along with taking a stance with beginning this movement all coalition members, Mayor Garcetti signed a Transform California pledgevowing to combat discrimination against transgenders and non-conforming genders. 

“I hope you’ll join me by going to today and signing our pledge to make the Golden State a place where all people can feel safe and live free from discrimination,” said  Pat Manuel, a participant in the Transform California rally that took place in front of Los Angeles City Hall on April 18th.