Dr. Robet K. Ross speaking at the annual B.M.O.C. Leadership Academy.

The project Boys and Men of Color is a unification of more than 150 agencies between local community organizations, foundations/ leaders in government, educational systems, public health services, and local law enforcement all coming into alliance attempting to alter the potential future outcomes for the societal conditions of young men and boys of color throughout California.

This is vital to youth because it empowers these specific adolescents to become more involved within their individual communities, and develops leadership skills. It also uplifts the significance of youth voices to take a stance in current societal inequities they face within their neighborhoods, towns, and state. It also uprises a personal transformation of healing within the young men and boys of color through enlightened cultural advocacy. B.M.O.C. hosts an annual summer enrichment camp entitled the B.M.O.C. Leadership Academy, which for more information on can be retrieved from Luis Sanchez;

B.M.O.C. is promoted primarily within 15 cities in California and is attempting to expand their resourceful strategies to all counties, towns, cities throughout the state. The B.M.O.C. collaboration also works at reforming policies on a local and statewide level in regards to legislative law that condones actions or judgments based on injustices. They also are working on gaining affordable access to health services that build individual cultural strengths and creates resilience for youth who have encountered traumatic tribulations and been deprived of economic self-sufficiency.  Some of their primary initiatives consists of granting experiences to break employment barriers for men and boys of color by providing them with career education, job training and paid opportunities while also establishing support systems to keep youth from being detained in local or statewide centers.


B.M.O.C. policy initiatives.


B.M.O.C. advocating cities.

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