Rosebud crew 1The Sacramento Area Creeks Council is uplifting the importance of preserving water by establishing fun family activities and educational events as well as encouraging locals within Sacramento, Rio Linda, Folsom, and Orangevale Counties to come together in their individual regions and help clean up their local water resources.

The main aspect of all these jovial events is that on April 9th volunteers gathered at 12 various locations between the 5 regions, in whichArcade Creek Expl_6169 some of the nearby areas included: South Sacramento & Mather [Florin, Laguna, Elder, Strawberry, and Upper Morrison Creeks], Freeport and the Delta [Lower Morrison Creek, and Sherman Island], also a few more. Then from 9am til noon they cleaned up the areas with each volunteer group bringing their own buckets, gloves, and other handy supplies. Afterwards the sponsors of this event showed their appreciation by putting together a celebration at Carmichael Park, welcoming all the counties to come enjoy free foods and fun festivities with their fellow citizens for all their collaborative hard work.

The Sacramento Area Creeks Council has more upcoming events where on April 10th, 17th, & 24th. Sacramento Splash is providing a 2 hour tour of Mather Field vernal pools adventuring their rare flower garden that only blooms at a specific time during the spring. Click Here for tickets and more information, or call (916)364-2437.

Costco 5 years of TshirtsThen on April 21st Caltrans, the American Chemistry Council and Keep California Beautiful are encouraging people to come out to the State Capitol on the West Steps so they can become informed about the negative impact trash has on the environment surrounding us. They are also hosting a “Litter Sculpture” showcasing where citizens are welcomed to sign-up at the Creek Week booth on site, to get their artwork made of various waste displayed live and all the “Litter Sculpture” submissions will be transported by Caltrans. Click Here for more information on this and other previous mentioned events.