On  Thursday, the 30th DSC_0356of March, the NAACP Youth Council, State Black Student Union organizations, and Sacramento State National Pan Hellenic Council held an event at Sol Collective in Sacramento. The event also featured  Mayoral candidates so they could explain who they are and what their intentions would should they become  Mayor of Sacramento.

The event was open to the public so anyone in Sacramento could participate. There were many seats but was quickly overfilled as time went on, leaving many people having to stand in order to hear the candidates. The public also had the opportunity to ask questions after each of the of candidates explained themselves.

The candidates each had a preview of the questions going to be asked before going on stage in front of the public. The event was meant to help people get a better understanding of the political system in Sacramento and give the public an idea of who is running and who should be the next Mayor of Sacramento.DSC_0355

Although many of the questions asked to the candidates were already pre-set, there were many people in the audience who raised their hand to ask the questions that they thought needed to be asked. People would often raise their hand and interrupt to ask a question about something the candidates just said.

“I grew up on Meadowview. I know what it’s like growing up in the tough area. We can’t have any more children growing up in an environment like that. That would be on of my top priorities,” said Tony Lopez, a Mayoral candidate, while answering a question from the audience.