Take It Outside California is a weekend where citizens of California are encouraged to “Be Active! Explore Nature! Have Fun! And Take it Outside!” The California Council of Land Trusts hopes to motivate people to get active on the weekend of April 30th – May 1st by spending time enjoying, participating in, and sharing outdoor activities with friends or loved ones for the benefit of their health, or by giving donations to their organization to fund the local events throughout the regions of California.

California Council of Land Trusts is a agency aspiring to conserve vital land and water resources for all people of California. One of those ways is through their annual series of events hosted by various statewide sponsors, promoting different activities for family fun and individual or group social gatherings all taking place while appreciating some aspect of the nature surrounding our lands in California. The nearest events for people of Sacramento are one hosted at Sacramento Charter High-school by Edible Sac High, a few places within North Oak Park and a volunteer opportunity just off of Garden Hwy at a Pollock campgrounds.

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