imageCalifornia Land Trusts Council to host outdoor activities.

The California Land Trusts Council will host various outdoor activities for Californians throughout the first week of May.

“Our goal with this initiative is to enable Californians of all ages to have an outdoor experience that is positive and meaningful to them,” says Natalie Keeve, project manager of Take It Outside California!

This is in a major effort to contribute to fighting the current obesity epidemic within California. According to a UCLA article entitled “UCLA study finds that one quarter of Californian adults are obese” obesity for adults has increased from 19.3% in 2001 to 24.8% in 2012.

Activities will consists of nature walks, bicycling, community-service based activities, scavenger hunting, kite flying, tree picking and planting, and more. An additional major intention of this event us to connect Californians more with their outdoors and introduce them to get unknown lands where they can enjoy the outdoors more often.

Engaging in outdoor activities may be a direct correlation with obesity. imageChild obesity has doubled since twenty years ago, along with the fact that children are spending half as much time outside as they did twenty years ago according to an article on entitled Why Connect Kids and Nature.

The same article states that our healthcare system has drastically increased and the creativity, concentration, and social skills in children has declined. Thus, in a broad sense, Take It Outside California! not only is promoting a healthier lifestyle, but also is helping restore a society deprived of both potentially adequate and exceptional individuals. However, there is still variation in every population.

“I feel like I get outside a lot because every weekend I am always trying to go somewhere,” says Anika Spaulding, a sixteen year old student at John F. Kennedy High School. “I would go because I am an extrovert and love to do things.”

imageEncouraging Californians to go outside shall reduce their overall stress level as well, as an article on entitled The Natural Way To Calm Down states that researchers discovered surrounding yourself with nature can be a powerful way to relieve stress. As a result, weight gain shall decrease as well since stress increases one’s appetite for junk food.

This activity may as well be an indirect contribution in bettering children’s mental health, considering the fact that obese children suffer more from loneliness and nervousness than non-obese kids. This event not only is way to better the health of individuals, but can be an effort to simply make them happier and feel emotionally better within. This event is intended to be fun and enjoyable to all age groups as well-from kids to teens to adults.

Furthermore, this event is an effort to emphasize the necessity of conserving land and better the lives of those in lower economic levels. According to the project manager, Natalie Keeve, this event is part of their “Conservation Horizons” program. The program is “a vision for the future of land conservation,” continued Keeve. In addition, “this vision includes connecting all Californians, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, with our protected lands and finding ways to equitably connect conservation work with all California communities, particularly residents in park-poor and income-poor communities that have been traditionally underserved by conservation,” stated Keeve.

“As part of our mission, we are working to connect more Californians with the outdoors and ensure that every child, woman and man in California has the opportunity to experience the out-of-doors in a way that is unique and meaningful to them,” concluded Keeve.

You can find an event near you here and you can join the movement by taking the pledge to Take It Outside California! here. Currently, 51 people have already pledged!