The Comcast Fellowship Program, a finical partnership with the California LGBT Legislative Caucus, is being sponsored by Equality California Institute to contribute to hosting a four-week youth fellowship program. It consists of establishing a collaborative chance for LGBQT+ youth, and their allies, within the local region to work on a governmental level internship. All participants will be rewarded with a $3,000 stipend to paid in four portions throughout the completions of components in the program. The program runs from Monday June 5th to Friday July, 1st 2016. Deadline for application: Friday March 25th, 2016. APPROACHING SOON, HURRY TO APPLY.

The Sacramento legislative office is offering a chance for youth to undergo a mentorship to educate selected youth on their inner workings, training on leadership development and forums focused on the potential factors influencing current / future policies of the California government. They work on several statewide initiative yet this educational opportunity is limited to six students who either have completed their first year of college or is continuing their studies at an accredited college and or university as a full time undergraduate. They also highly recommend those who have an active leadership role within some form of LGBQT+ advocacy or empowerment in their community.