With the passing of Proposition 47, few low level crimes and nonviolent felonies can be made into just misdemeanors on old criminal records in California. This means that someone with a prior criminal record with a felony record can change the following into misdemeanors: Simple drug possession, petty theft under $950, shoplifting under $950, forging or writing a bad check under $950, receipt of stolen property under $950.


“I am Proposition 47” is an event aimed to help people through the process of changing their criminal records with help for processing records, employment, housing, mental health, and more. Also included are consultations and more information on Proposition 47. This event has several dates in which anyone can participate.

The first event will be held on March 19, 2016 at Liberty Towers Church. The second is on April 23rd at Pannell Meadowview Community Center continuing at Unity Church on May 21st. Then finally on June 25th the final event is at McClatchy Park. The times are from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on every single event held.

This event can help many people who are looking to change their felonies and criminal records to misdemeanors and better their chances with employment. The information can be very useful to those who are still not informed or want to know more about proposition 47.

“This is about putting compassion first,” Said San Diego’s recently retired police chief when Proposition 47 passed. “We cannot solve crime by warehousing people.”

For more information on this event named I am Proposition 47, please call the following number: (916) 470-2077