Being healthy is more than just eating a salad.  Finding healthy foods at a responsible price can sometimes be a challenge. It’s can be even more difficult for a college student or someone on a budget. So what is the true price of being healthy?

Whole Foods is known as a high-end grocery store which provides its shoppers with organic and healthy foods. However, their prices tend to be a bit…pricey.  For example, at Whole Foods one gallon of organic milk costs $3.49, peanut butter costs $4.99, a pound of ground beef costs $4.99, and a dozen eggs would be $4.29.

Trader Joe’s is also a reputable healthy food store but whose prices seem to be less pricey. At Trader Joe’s one gallon of milk costs $3.19, peanut butter costs $3.49, a pound of ground beef costs $3.99, and a dozen eggs costs $2.99.  A shopper at


A sandwich at Jack’s Urban Eats

Trader Joe’s purchasing these same items would save around $7.59.

“It’s a lot less expensive to buy junk food,” says Viridiana Rivera, a student at Linfield College.

“At night when I’m up studying or I’ve just come back from work it’s so much easier to go get fast food then to prepare a meal.”


Fast food places, such as McDonald’s and Burger King, have made it very convenient to get food on the go. The convenience makes it more tempting for a busy college student to grab a bite at a fast food place then to take the time to prepare a healthy meal.   

There are other places that offer good food at an affordable price such as Jacks Urban Eats, “An urban cafeteria, serving award winning, farm fresh, affordable meals in a hip and laidback atmosphere.” While the price may be a factor in eating healthy, finding the time in a busy schedule may be the true price of eating healthy.