FullSizeRenderMany low income communities, such as those in South Sacramento, do not have much access to healthy organic foods. Instead, they are given wide varieties of lucrative fast food industries to feed the needs of the growing citizens. These fast food locations even attempt to offer “healthy alternatives” that are “cheap solutions”. People in the community attempt to ease the difficulties of all these obstacles for the those in poverty only within Sacramento. In the Meadowview area, medium household incomes are about 15% lower than in the surrounding city. Some of the only places people can buy actual fresh foods is Smart and Final and Walgreen’s which both are approximately 1/8th of a mile from many households, also Bel Air and Food Source which are even farther away. Although in less than half a mile from many homes there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Wendy’s, a TOGO’s Sandwiches conjoined with a Baskin Robins, and the notorious McDonald’s all within a fairly short distance of neighboring families looking for daily meals that is sufficient to their individually limited incomes. “I’ve been living in South Sacramento for more than 20 years,” says local 59yro citizen Don Matilda, “one thing that has significantly changed is how this city advertises the newest deals at fast foods restaurants in newspapers and on TV more than promoting local grocery outlets or farmer markets like back in the day.” This alone reflects how certain food industries are empowering themselves as a financial and physical reliable source for food to places in Sacramento that are enduring poverty.

image1Even still, there are many organizations who disburse community collaborations throughout the Sacramento region. They are working to deal with these institutional oppressors and are working to fix this economically endangering health risk. They promote local farmers markets where at low prices families can retrieve fresh produce and meats. Even with the organizations we have now, it is still necessary that these type of actions should also be attempting to reach aid out to the various communities that are not implementing these beneficial resolutions currently. More networking of people working in public government services to commonly provide more informational resources to families, adolescents and homeless people or youth struggling with the needs of getting healthy sustainable agricultural foods is needed in South Sacramento.