IMG_1207AccessLocal.Tv, the community news online division of Access Sacramento, has brought on four new Neighborhood News Correspondents and is welcoming back a returning correspondent, Ivan Caballero, with enhanced responsibilities including editing and mentorship. Rose Vega, 19, Ronnie Swinburn, 18, Azimi Gumah, 16, and Trajan Susa, 17, have joined AccessLocal.Tv as entry-level correspondents.

AccessLocal.Tv is a WordPress based news website which empowers young people from Sacramento with the ability to report on community news and stories that otherwise might not make the front page. Its primary focus is within the South Sacramento area identified by The California Endowment’s “BHC” initiative. The BHC, or “Building Healthy Communities” initiative is part of a $1 billion, ten-year statewide program which aims to empower neighborhoods with the tools and skills they need to be prosperous.

“This new group of youth reporters are already hard at work creating content,” said Isaac Gonzalez, Youth Media Coordinator for AccessLocal.Tv.  “Each one of them brings a different set of experiences and abilities to the table and I’m looking forward to seeing what they will achieve.”

Neighborhood News Correspondents spend around four months in a program, receiving specialized training and technical support from Gonzalez. Each week, they follow up on story leads a craft written articles and videos featuring content from their communities. Correspondents also produce a podcast which can be found on iTunes and a television show which appears on the Access Sacramento Cable Channel.

“I wasn’t very interested in journalism at all when I first started working here at but as time went on in the program it sort of grew on me,” said returning correspondent Caballero. “I’ve learned a lot about writing and how to present our articles for the public.”