20160220_182022Hi, my name is Azimi Gumah. I am sixteen years old and I am a junior at John F. Kennedy High School. I was born and have been raised within the Sacramento, California area. I love reading, writing, skating, swimming, practicing yoga, and learning new languages. I am especially interested in learning Amharic and I am currently taking Japanese at my high school.

I enjoy exploring new cultures, trying new things, and watching old cartoons, anime, and movies made in the late nineties to the early 2000’s. In particular I enjoy Tim Burton films- I find his writing very odd, but still meaningful.

I practice guitar and play the viola. My favorite foods are cherries, Cheez-its, fruit salads, and smoothies. My love for writing, essentially, led me to seeking this position as a Neighborhood News Correspondent. I think it is important to keep the public informed in a captivating, yet sophisticated manner. I believe writing, when done properly, does this well. In my previous experience, I have tended to write creatively in a poetic, novelistic, or dramatic style.

At Kennedy High School I am involved in the California Scholarship Federation, the Japanese Club, and the National Honors Society. These clubs allow me to give back and be involved in the community which I really love doing and value greatly. I also value unison and a sense of togetherness within a community and a family, which is why my family and a close community is important to me.

I consider myself quite passionate about the well-being of others, which is why in the future I hope to become either a clinical geneticist or a nurse-midwife. My goal is to attend the University of California Los Angeles or the University of California Santa Cruz after high school. While studying at a university, I hope to also travel as well by studying abroad in other countries. I really just hope to contribute to making the World into a happier place.