with c1 presetHello readers, my name is Trajan Susa-Coelho. I am seventeen years old and currently a senior at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, California. I was born in Oahu, Hawaii and moved here, to California, when I was 4, with my mother. I currently live with my mother, Romy Coelho, and my sister, Wailana Coelho. I also have an older brother, Darius Kawaauhua, who lives in Hawaii. Along with my brother, my father, Pedro Susa, and all the rest of my family also live in Hawaii.

Santa Cruz, California

As a student at John F. Kennedy High School, I am very involved in school activities and programs. I am enrolled in our Student Government class. In student government, I work as our school’s pep rally coordinator. In this role, I get to run the pep rallies held at our school throughout the year. Along with this I also work with a cabinet of other senior students to support and make sure we are giving our senior class a good last year at Kennedy. I am also involved in other clubs, such as Key Club and Interact Club, where I serve with volunteer work and devote my time to community events and services. I enjoy going to Kennedy because it is a very diverse, social, and overall fun school.


San Francisco, California

Aside from school, I have numerous hobbies which I take up. Since I was 7 years old, I have enjoyed dancing. Dancing is my biggest passion and most loved hobby. I take up different styles in dance such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and tap. I enjoy dancing a lot because it teaches me values that I can not only use on the dance floor, but outside the studio. Dancing also lets me free myself of my problems and lets me express myself in a different way. Along with dancing, I also enjoy hiking. I enjoy hiking hidden trails and up to
high peaks. I enjoy venturing outside my comfort zone as much as possible and l encountering adventures of all sorts. Hiking is also good exercise and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

As a person, I would say that I am very outgoing and social. I am an extrovert and love to go out and have fun. I love to surround myself with lots of good people with different views, which keeps me open minded in my life choices. I just love to live life to the fullest, never holding back, and regretting anything. I hope one day I may inspire others to not hold back on their true selves and enjoy every moment life has to offer!