Shooting for a video!

Hello, my name is Ivan Caballero. I have been working with AccessLocal.tv since July 2015. I’m 17 and a junior in high school, and i was born in Santa Clara, California. I’ve been raised for pretty much my entire life here in Sacramento. I once lived in San Antonio, Texas, but that was only a year. I eventually came back to Sacramento.

I wasn’t very interested in journalism at all when I first started working here at AccessLocal.tv but as time went on in the program it sort of grew on me. I’ve learned a lot about writing and how to present our articles for the public. I’ve noticed that people take me a bit more serious when they learn that I am a Neighborhood News Correspondent. This is a huge advantage for me as it just makes my life a bit easier as a teenager now becoming an adult.

I have many interests including reading, movies, media, cinematography, comic books, journalism, photography, and so much more. But usually my primary interests  just revolve around media, comic books, journalism, and photography. In March of this year, I will begin filming a short film that I wrote. The title of the film is still being discussed but the plot and script of the movie is finished. When it comes to comic books, I am considered a total geek. I’ve been reading them for over 10 years.


Testing out the photo booth!

I could talk about comic books for hours but when it comes to photography or cinematography, I would be talking for centuries. There is a very popular idiom that says “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For me that is true for the most part. I never know if the picture I take of someone will be used in the future over and over again. Who knows if a picture of mine will be referenced 100 years in the future past my time? Quite figuratively, I would be talking for centuries through the message of an image.

As the first person in my entire family to be pursuing a career in something that involves the media, is a pretty hard hit for my parents. My parents often tell me that it probably isn’t the best idea to try to strive too high. But I feel like I know what I’m doing and I’m heading off in a pretty good start into what I want to do. I have friends that have been helping me along the way and who I’ve been returning the favor for. I won’t deny that pursuing a career in the media is hard, But I just have to have confidence in myself to accomplish this long dream of mine.


The Love Defenders!

I am hoping that i will have another amazing four months working here at AccessLocal.tv I hope I find a job similar to this one in the near future. I am glad to be here writing for the website again and excited to see where the next four months will take me this go around.