For the last five months of my life I was privileged enough to begin my journey in journalism with the Youth Media Team at Access Sacramento. I began in July of 2015 with a wonderful team of 5 other youth and our adviser.

When I first began the program I didn’t have the most confidence in my writing. I knew I liked it and that it was something I liked to do in my free time but didn’t think it could be something I would get paid to do or would even ever get published.

Everyday since I began working at Access Local has been a new and exciting adventure. I’ve got to experience things I thought not possible for me until much later in life. My time here has been filled with many “first times” and adventures. With my team I got on an airplane for the first time, went to Los Angeles, traveled to Oakland, attended business conferences, and had my first podcast. At the age of 16 it was an amazing accomplishment to me to have attended a business conference let alone one that was not in my own town.

I can proudly say that I have learned a lot from my mentor Isaac Gonzalez and other team members, not only in the form of writing but for life in general. In the sense of writing my skills have developed and I now have new tricks up my sleeve to help me when applying for colleges and anything else that comes my way. I now have a skill set that will stay with me through the rest of my career, whatever it may be. My time with Access Local has been something I will never forget and will miss. Writing articles for my neighborhood and town has been something that not every teen can say and i appreciate the opportunity greatly.