My four month experience with AccessLocal.TV is coming to a close and I wanted to share just how much this experience meant to me. 12122392_1044366942263439_5500806899130271477_n

I was extremely nervous coming into this project. I never considered myself a decent writer so knowing that I would have to write articles for a local news website terrified me. As a media studies major, I was excited to learn how to use the equipment, but interviewing people and being in front of the camera instead of behind was another thing that scared me. This job was really a challenge for myself to step out of my comfort zone and learn the ropes of journalism. I remember that I almost backed out because I thought it was going to be too much, but I had a feeling that this was an amazing experience too good to pass up.

Throughout these four months I’ve learn so much as a youth media reporter. First of all, it taught me a lot about my community. Through the events and meetings I attended, I learned about so many great organizations, such as People Reaching Out and events, such as Healthy Kids Day, which Sacramento has to offer. I feel that many people in Sacramento don’t hear about these events that much and it was great to be able to promote them through my articles and videos.

One of the biggest highlights of these 4 months was the Youth Media Conference which was held in LA about 2 months ago. This event let me meet some pretty amazing and talented youth media reporters from all over the state and share our stories with each other.  This conference also gave us great resources such as workshops and presentations about statewide issues.

Going back to my insecurities when going into the project, I think I have overcame them. My writing has gotten so much better thanks to the help from the editor and even though I still don’t like to be in front of the camera, I am able to complete the task at hand. It has definitely helped me become more confident when working in front of a camera whether its just narrating or interview a person.  What I loved about the experience is that it was not a job, it was a great learning experience. Ive had a blast working with the other youth media reporters and I can’t wait to continue my path through my major!