I have worked at Access Local as a Neighborhood News Correspondent for two four-month terms. I have learned so much about writing and media in general in that short period of time and I met so many new people. I also learned a lot about new things that my community has to offer.

My first term was my first time ever working in a public media field, and everything was brand new to me. I had plenty of help though. Isaac Gonzalez, my editor, is a great writer and mentor, I would always want my writing to be as smooth as he would talk about it in class.

My second term I was considered a mentor to my other colleagues, I hope I helped them as much as they helped me. I feel that this term I have improved the most but still have much to learn.

I was lucky to have worked with so many wonderful writers through my career at Access Local. It was good because the times I had writer’s block or was lost on what to do next I would check out my colleagues writings and they would put me back on track. Also talking to other writers about the same topic can generate new story ideas and make writing an article seem more simple.

I also took a trip to Los Angeles for a conference and met numerous youth journalist that worked on the same stories that Access Local does. These youth journalists came from throughout California. This trip was a great experience and probably the time in which I learned the most

I thank all of Access Local, especially Isaac Gonzalez for this opportunity that helped me grow so much. I applied for the Fusion: Rise Up and Be Heard fellowship that begins next year and is generally on the same topics covered by Access Local.

Thank You.