This week is an Encore presentation. We harvested up some fun on LiveWire! Sacramento Harvest Festival came into the studio with Henna tattoo artist, Renu Lal and musical group Sister Swing and the Sacramento Ballet! The Sacramento Ballet talked about their Nutcracker and Nutty Nutcracker shows. Sacramento Harvest Festival talked about their event. Henna artist, Renu Lal will be demonstrated and spoke about henna art. Sister Swing performed in the studio!
The Sacramento Ballet spoke about their two upcoming shows the Nutty Nutcracker and the Nutcracker. The Nutty Nutcracker is a humorous spin on the Nutcracker and is for more mature audiences. This event happens on Friday, December 11th. For those who enjoy the traditional Nutcracker the show opens on Saturday, December 12th and runs until Tuesday, December 22nd.


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Sacramento Harvest Festival is an annual festival and one of the largest indoor arts and craft show. This family event happened on November 20th -22th, featured live music and entertainment acts; including guest Sister Swing! This event benefited the charity group AT&T Pioneers who help local communities with food drives, educational programs, assisting after natural disasters and more.

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Renu Lal is one of the most sought Henna tattoo artist in Sacramento. Renu began practicing henna at a young age in New Delhi, India, where she was born and raised. She is an expert in free hand designs in tribal, traditional Hindu and Celtic imagery.


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Sister Swing is a swing band consisting of three vocalist; Valerie Marston, Paula Chafey-Merrill and Leigh Hannah. They have been together for 20 years performing jazz, swing, ballads, boogie woogie and more. Sister Swing has their own distinctive sound but still preserves the beauty of vintage music.

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