In California, many released inmates have a tough time turning their life around because the felonies on their record limits their capabilities to advance. Recently, Sacramento community leaders came  together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the passage of Proposition 47.

Prop 47’s purpose is to help recently released inmates get their low-level felonies reduced to misdemeanors on their record. A person with any type of felony on their record can find it difficult to get a job or reach those higher paying positions in their career.

“I was told about Prop 47… Now me and  my wife are able to adopt.” says Martell Koster  who fixed his record using Prop 47.

Prop 47 has helped people overcome many different obstacles. By just filling out one side of a piece of paper, one can relieve all a person’s worry. Now these released former inmates can truly leave the past in the past and have a better chance at redemption.

This proposition has helped over 100,000 people this past year and are looking at doing the same for 60,000 more eligible applicants in the future. This prop is changing the view from incarceration being the answer to helping the offender find a path to better well-being.

“Providing other opportunities to help those who have just fixed their record, that is where future is going” says Greg King with Always Knocking. . The journey has just started and more help for recently released inmates is on the way.

To get information on fixing your record contact Karen Flynn at 916-874-57322 or email her at flynnk@saccounty.net.