Recently an article published by shared how young girls all over California are being arrested for prostitution while they are really the victims of statutory rape. These girls, who have been forced into a life of sex trafficking, are being thrown in jail while their “customers” receive a warning or slap on the wrist. These young ladies are being bought and sold by men while they are sometimes just 12 years old. In any other circumstance a man having done these things with a girl of that age would be sent to prison, but  since money is involved it immensely changes the circumstances.

Sacramentians often boast that their city is close to everything. That attribute, however, also helps make the city a hot spot for sex trafficking. Sacramento is unfortunately a hub for all sorts of child trafficking due to its easy access to large cities through the freeway system. Since 2005 the police department have arrested over 70 young girls for “child prostitution”. Just last year, 9 girls from the Sacramento region were rescued.

Luckily there is a local group who helps combat sex trafficking in Sacramento known as CASH which stands for Community Against Sexual Harm. This groups mission is to “assist women that have been commercially sexually exploited through survivor-led peer support and harm reduction services, while providing education about the harm inflicted on women and the community.”

To contact the CASHSAC feel free to call them at 916-856-2900 or Email at