One out of three adults in the United States are obese, according to a study completed by The Journal of the American Medical Association. That means that 78 million American adults are at risk of heart disease,  stroke, different types of cancer, and type II diabetes because of obesity. It’s now without a doubt that obesity is one of the most prominent public health issue of our time.

Obese_3In 2015, Arkansas had a rate of obesity at 35.6% of the adult population. That’s the highest rate of obesity than any other state in the United States. The lowest rate of obesity is 21.3%, that’s in Colorado. Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi have rates of obesity over 35%.

While unexpected, there’s an interesting pattern that shows matches between obesity and poverty. Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi are the most obese, but as well as the poorest states in the United States. Obesity is also increasingly racialized.

The highest obesity rates are found with Hispanic and Non-Hispanic black adults, especially in poor areas. The media may show the shocking statistic of the obesity rate in the United States, but rarely mentions the links between obesity and poverty.

Obesity is an increasing issue in the United States that nearly every family, especially minorities and those in poverty. Studies like these could help us better track the causes of obesity and could eventually lead to a way to decrease the large amount of the obesity rate in the United States.