sweets-776109_1280Recently an article published by Alternet.org told readers about 12 surprising foods with more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut. Foods that typically are thought to be “healthy” turned out to be worse than a glazed donut which contains ten grams of sugar.

The article featured visual imagery of the product along with the amount of donuts it equates to. A Yoplait yogurt which many people typically associate with diet food, has about two and a half donuts worth of sugar in it. Foods and drinks that even say “no sugar added”, such as the Naked blueberry pomegranate drink has about three donuts worth of sugar in it.

“I’d say about one,” Aryn Breaux, a student and food lover replied when asked how many donuts worth of sugar are in a Dole fruit cup. “Maybe even only half.”

“One and a half?” Breaux exclaimed when told the actual amount. “That’s just too much, like I can barely eat one donut without it being too much sugar. Are you forreals? I kinda don’t believe it.”

Some people still fail to realize exactly what they are putting into their bodies. When seeing a label stating fat free people can assume it is completely healthy, but what they don’t realize is that fat free doesn’t necessarily mean sugar free. Some Sacramento schools promote products such as a Nature Valley Granola bar which can hold up to a donut and a half worth of sugar.

In Sacramento, the Food Literacy Center is working to educate people on issues like this. The center works to educate children from a young age about the foods around them and how to make better, smarter, and healthier choices.

To contact the Food Literacy Center or learn more about their program visit their website at www.foodliteracycenter.org