apple-256261_1920The Health Happens Here website describes a positive school climate as one in which students and teachers feel welcome, supported, and connected which helps then succeed academically and create a positivity around the students.  Meanwhile, negative student climate happens when the community feels disconnected, leading them to have problems in school and are less likely to graduate.

The climate of a school is measured throughout the rates of suspensions and expulsions, school bullying, and student and teacher safety. According to the article, there are many approaches that a school could try to achieve and healthy and positive climate.

Some examples would be:

  • The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support approach has lowered the rate of suspension and expulsion by making the environment a more engaging one.
  • Restorative Justice/Practices help repair the harm that has been done instead of using exclusion or suspension.
  • The Good Behavior Game gives the children a reward when using good behavior.

According to the Susension and Expulsion Report for 2013-14 Rates on the California Department of Education Data website, the suspension rate for the Sacramento County is 6.3% and the expulsion rate is 0.1%.  Even though the expulsion rate is low, the suspension rate is somewhat high.

“In my school, they call the person to the office and give then warnings.We’ve only had two assemblies about bulling” said a student from Caleb Greenwood Elementary

“If there is a fight, they will usually get suspended.” said a student from Sutter Middle School.

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