14593415459_8484b6785b_oThe New York Times released an article on August 9th stating that Coca Cola is now backing up a new scientific theory which states “to maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.”

Coca Cola has teamed up with scientists that are now sharing this theory on social media pages, at conventions, and in medical journals. They are also supporting a nonprofit organization, the Global Energy Balance Network, which supports the theory.

Many don’t agree with this new theory, calling the sugary beverage the cause of certain medical illnesses and problems like diabetes.

“It’s a two sided solution, we need to eat less empty calories and exercise is (also) a part of it.” said Ana Sanchez, a primary care provider in Sacramento.

The reason for this new theory might be a product of the plummeting soda sales that Coca Cola is now experiencing.

“The (sales) numbers are going to decrease,” said Sanchez. “That’s what is going to happen to sugary drinks like Coca Cola. The more we know the less people are going to drink it, that’s why Coca Cola doesn’t want to lose the money.  Many people are not drinking soda or they are more careful with soda these days.”

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