A study on DUI driving in California during 2012 showed that traffic fatalities increased 1.5% and still maintains to be one of the lowest levels since the Federal Government began recording this study in 1975. DUI driving has been a heavy concern among citizens in Sacramento, California.

DUIIn 2013 there were 16,060 injuries and 1,075 fatal incidents related to Alcohol impaired driving. According to the California Office Of Traffic Safety. Which to many citizens in Sacramento, this information could make them think twice before entering a vehicle under the influence.

Fines or penalties have risen in price. They are now from $300 to $5,000. Which to some the minimum charge can be expensive and hard to pay for. Jail time or community service can be from two days to two years. They could also suspend your license from four months to five years.

Driving under the influence can also affect young people as well. One-third of all fatalities of people of 15-20 years are caused by motor vehicle crashes. More than 35 percent of those crashes are alcohol related. In 2000, 2,339 youth were pronounced dead due to alcohol related crashes.

According to a study done by the California Healthy Kids showed that about 10 percent of 11 graders in Sacramento have had driven a vehicle immediately after drinking alcohol or have been in a vehicle with a driver who drank alcohol.

Which can be concerning to parents since driving under the influence can really affect someone’s ability to drive. Alcohol can affect your driving by impairing your vision, reduce reaction time, reduce concentration, failing to obey signs, and more.