On Wednesday August 12th from 5pm to 7pm, the Sacramento Children’s Museum hosted an event called the Beary Special Play date for special needs children and their families. Serving as a safe space for children to roam free and play, the Beary special play date served over 65 families at this event.
Having a multitude of activities for the children to participate in, the parents were able to take a break and relax. Children who typically don’t get a chance to interact with other kids got to play together in the museum’s water room, play house, art room, and even a stage for plays. Most of the activities here are very unique.

“I wanna say this is our fourth time coming to this event and it’s a great chance for my kids to do things they don’t get to do on an everyday basis which is great,” said Jeremy Evans, father of two and participant in the Beary special play date. “I mean some of the stuff they can do at home but a lot of it can only be done here which makes it really fun!”

Apart from unique activities the event also offers a space of acceptance.

“I think it’s a good event because like he can just be himself and like I don’t have to worry about other people judging him,” says Patrese Brown. “So I like it cause there’s a lot of other kids like him or similar to him with all his behavior issues and he can just be a kid.”

Hosted every month on the second Wednesday of the month the Beary Special Play Date is something residents of Sacramento seem to genuinely enjoy. In fact it is enjoyed so much that the museum is considering hosting it twice a month instead of the once it now has.

For more information on this event and many more feel free to go to the museums website at www.sackids.org .