La Familia Counseling Center and its partners, Fairy Tale Town and 916 Ink, have been granted access to the Maple Elementary School Yard. The old Maple Elementary School was closed in 2013 along with six other Sacramento schools. Now, the school is on its way to becoming the future “Maple Neighborhood Center.”

A year of discussions with the Sacramento Unified School District came down to a four-to-one vote in favor for the partnered organizations. Clean up has already begun and this new space will become a hub for many different community services.

La Familia will extend their counseling services to the new school yard as soon as possible. The La Familia counseling services are provided to youth from newborn to twenty-one years old and is free to those with Medi-Cal. La Familia also provides weekly counseling sessions for seniors as well.

“We are excited to be getting more counseling rooms … here we don’t have any space, “ says Lynn Keune, the Clinical Director for La Familia.

Fairytale Town, located in Land Park, is also moving into the new Maple Community Center. This open space will also leave room for Fairy Tale Town to open a pop-up playground. It will be built with donated items to spark the area children’s imaginations.

916 Ink is excited to be getting some new schoolrooms to hold classes with their students. 916 Ink provides a free writing workshop for the local youth and the classrooms provide a perfect writing place.

Soon, the Maple School yard will once again be a place that benefits of the community and the future for the surrounding neighborhood looks bright.

“We are there to serve the community, which is what we have been doing for forty-one years,” says Phyllis Rodriguez the Administrative Manager for La Familia.