sunSacramento’s average annual high temperature is 73.6°F. Many people may assume that at that temperature it would be fine to leave a pet or even a child inside a car, but parked cars have shown to be a lot more lethal than initially thought. The inside of a parked car can rise in temperature very quickly which could cause illness or even death on a pet or child.

A study done by the Louisiana State Medical Society has showed that the temperature inside a vehicle can rise up to 123°F even with the windows partially opened. Another study by the Department Of Geosciences, San Francisco University says that in 75°F temperature, a vehicle can reach up to 94°F in just 10 minutes. If it continued for another 20 minutes, the vehicle would have risen to 104°F which can be difficult for even an adult to withstand.

A heart stroke can occur when the body temperature reaches 102°F and the heat overwhelms the brain, causing symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, confusion, and more. In the U.S. over 600 children have died from being left inside unattended heating vehicles since 1990, according to the Safety Group Kids And Cars.

According to The Department of Meteorology & Climate Science San Jose University, 37 is the average rate of death per year since 1998 upon children in the U.S. left unattended in a hot car. The total number of children deaths in the U.S. in 2014 is 31 and in 2015 it’s 13 so far.

It may not be hot outside the vehicle but inside it could be almost two times as hot. Which could mean huge trouble for any human being or pet. Especially to those who can’t do anything to save themselves from heating up inside a car.