According to recent studies Americans are eating less compared to past years but, does this general study really represent Sacramento and it’s residents? To say America as a whole is doing something is such a broad statement that how can we be sure it actually applies to our everyday lives.

Back in 2004 about 27% of residents in Sacramento were obese and recently  in 2014 it dropped down about 3% to 24%. Now while you may be thinking this is not a huge difference,it is definitely a step in the right direction. Everyday the average person has to make health decisions, whether to buy this $1 burger or the $5 ingredients for a salad,etc. This 3% drop shows that us Sacramenteans are starting to make better food choices that will help us in the long run.

The talk about healthy choices has become so trending due to its affiliation with so many diseases. Healthy diet and exercise can help control and prevent many conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disorders, and diabetes. With diabetes at an all time high residents are starting to take into consideration the foods they put into not only their own but their children’s bodies as well. Schools have begun to adopt the Five a Day and the Champions for Change campaigns, giving students much healthier options than in the past. So not only has Sacramento seen a decrease in adult obesity but childhood as well.

“Since my niece moved in with us we started buying healthier foods because she really likes fruits and veggies,” Maryanna Lozano, Sacramento student.

While Sacramento still has a long way to go until this rate of residents who are overweight and obese can be called “acceptable”, it is definitely taking steps in the right direction and will hopefully reach its health goals soon.