On Thursday, July 30th, evening from 5pm-9pm was the Crocker Art Museums Museum held their 3rd annual Teen Takeover Art and Music Festival. Located in downtown Sacramento, the museum hosted well over 100 local residents with ages ranging from toddlers to seniors.

All ages were attracted to this event because of due to its variety of activities and programs. Tee-shirt creation, silent disco,  photo booths, hula hooping, and an open mic were just a few of the activities offered. The music being the main event featured acts from all genres. Some of the acts included were the Brazilian Center of Sacramento Drummers, The Love Defenders, Issa, and Dog Party. When asked about their experience here’s what a few of the artist had to say.

“It’s fun having a lot of kids around, a lot of people my age to connect with,” said Said local rapper Issa. “This is my second time coming and it was way better.”
“This is our first time (performing at the Crocker),” said one of the members of the band Dog Party. “Like yeah we would come back.”
“This is my first time volunteering here,” said Maddie, host of the open mic and outdoor concert. “I would definitely do it again! Like I love the Crocker art museum. I’ve been coming here for years. I think the people that come here are great, I think the people who run the events are great!”
Whether taking goofy photos in one of the two booths offered or dancing to your own beat in the silent disco, it is safe to say the Crocker Art Museum’s art museums 3rd annual Teen Takeover Art and Musical Festival was a success.