saccityOrganize Sacramento is a group that provides training, education, personal assistance group classes, research assistance and coaching to educate members of the Sacramento community become more prepared and successful in activities such as owning a small business or advocating for a specific group’s needs.

They have training to help with planning effective tactics, Social media & strategy, and using techniques to win a issue in the community of Sacramento. There are other programs which can help with developing an identity, behavior plan, and citizenship of anybody’s organization. They could also help with developing a relationship with organizations and people alike.

Organize Sacramento has worked on recent projects such as the “Raise The Wage” movement where they want to raise the local minimum wage to $15 an hour. On April 15th, Organize Sacramento marched into City Hall with 1,500 supporters to fight for the idea of raising the minimum wage to $15. The movement holds open meetings to attend if anyone wishing to support raising the minimum wage to $15.

Organize Sacramento believes that any community can change challenges into good opportunities. They help small businesses become successful by giving a person knowledge and strategies on how to successfully run the business. They give advice on how to resolve issues, develop customized plans, and determine worthy solutions.

On Organize Sacramento’s website they have said “Sacramento means alot to alot of us- from the distinct neighborhoods, culture & people, down to the city’s form of governance- we’re hooked!” Showing their pride and commitment for the Sacramento community.

There are many other programs and activities that Organize Sacramento can provide, whether it’s helping to create a strategic plan or making intellectual relationships with other businesses. Organize Sacramento revolves around helping the Sacramento community and helping it achieve success.

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